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Ahhhhhh….The 80s:  arcade games, boom boxes, the big hair, the crazy outfits (spandex/bandanas), theatrical music videos and giant superstar personas.  Not to mention, the music of the 80s is the most memorable, recognizable and most celebrated music of all time.  There is something for everyone and all ages.  The decade is filled to the brim with hook laden, unforgettable songs that will live on forever.  Fueled by the live music energy in the room, and the songs everyone loves to sing along to, That 80s Band will host a concert to remember.


Who is That 80s Band?  We’re a group of professionally trained and talented musicians, assembled to perform the greatest decade of music.  We bring that music to audiences for an energetic party atmosphere.  No matter how big the stage or audience, we will deliver, and you’ll be having an awesome 80s experience.  With That 80s Band, you will sing, shout, and dance the night away.  Since every member of the band has a lead singing role, the songs sound very authentic and true to their recordings.  This allows the band to play a multitude of songs by a large variety of artists.  The lead vocals are led by our powerhouse female vocalist Beth Zaje.  Kevin Hodge plays keyboards, Derek Montayne plays guitar, Todd Minnick plays bass and Michael Bruce plays drums.  All of the band members are not only skilled enough to perform the songs the way they’re supposed to be heard, but perform with a flare and personality that make the show highly entertaining.  Beyond that, and just as important, the on-off stage personalities of the group members are incredibly friendly, warm, humorous and welcoming.

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